Best Mixes of 2015

Here's what happened in 2015: Less disco, More techno. 

As music selectors we flirt with new music genres and subcultures the way some people swipe through tinder. Sometimes you match, but don't feel a connection so you move on. And other times the right amount of chemistry is sparked and you end up spending far too many hours indulging in new company. 

I've known about techno and minimal for as long as I'd DJed at KUPS, but prior to this year no one ever introduced me to the kind of techno I loved. And then came the submarine - an invite-only facebook community of like-minded music aficionados all sharing underground electronic music, talking up festivals, hyping events, and supporting each other's appetite for new sound. Through this group, I found myself thrust into a world of constant techno and progressive house tracks that became my hunting staples. Thus what the Best Mixes of 2015 lacks in disco, it makes up in techno.

That said, Jules Jukes is still unwedded to a single genre, so if that bass fix is what you need, I got you!

5. Club cheval - Bromance Presents Club cheval Mixtape

As far as production teams go, I can always count on Club cheval to deliver. This mix has the signature 'best-of' formula -- sick edits, jersey bottom ends, mashed up melodies, and just enough of that sweet r&b flavor to bring the sexy. The chances of this mix remaining top-shelf 10 years from now is guaranteed.

4. HVOB - BR Vienna Live Set

So if you don't know what Boiler Room is let me save you from your island of humiliation. In short, it's an underground music broadcasting platform that streams exclusive live events of the best up and coming DJ/producer/artists from around the world. HVOB are an Austrian based duet, front-womened by Anna Muller who sings, produces, and composes for the project, affectionately known as "Her Voice Over Boys." While techno's female to male ratio outpaces other genres like trap or EDM, there is still a wide margin that deserves to be closed. HVOB focus on bringing a softer, more feminine touch to the otherwise male-dominated techno sound.

3. Henry Saiz - BR & Ballantine's Stay True Spain Live Set

Henry Saiz is the man turning dreams into reality. It's been a long time since I've come across a producer that I know will have the staying-power to be in my top 10 artists year over year. I could wax poetic on his production style all day, but Henry is one of those rare producers where I feel words fall short and you just need to see to believe. It's safe to say I've fallen in love with his sound so much that an actual goal in my life is to see his live set.
2. Athletixx - Club Rituals 2 Mixtape

It's not a party until Athletixx take over. While I enjoyed last year's mix over this year's offering, Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, and Kittens are still churning out the best floorfillers in the LA Club scene. Expect the same 808-heavy, booty grinding, anthemic hip-hop re-edits that you got in round one. If someone could ID the Missy Elliot "Work It" remix blowing up 25.00 I will love you forever.

1. Leo Kalyan - Stranger Mixtape

London crooner Leo Kalyan has been on my watchlist ever since he covered Duke Dumont's "Need U 100%" back in 2013. I instantly knew his silky smooth r&b harmonies and slowed & hypnotic drums would catch ears. The Stranger Mixtape is a sampling of upcoming tracks from his new EP as well as some cover/remixes Kalyan has salted his style over.

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