Compounded Life (2015)

Media I've consumed/created this year in one-line reviews.


Film: Ant-man. The final fight scene was great visual storytelling, mixed with the perfect amount of comedic timing.
Film: Mockingjay Pt 2. I remember this part of the books being very intense - those sewer scenes did not disappoint.


Audio: Entrepreneur Rollercoaster x D. Hardy. Perhaps my heart wasn't in it, but Compound Effect is 1000% better.
Book: Naked Human x C. Poindexter. Cause sometimes you need a book of poetry to put your feels in perspective.


Film: Bend It Like Beckham. Lara wanted to watch this one night when I visited her in SD. I miss best friend times.
TV: Faking It S2. Do teenagers actually act like this in high school? So much sex and drama...

September. (When tracking your media consumption it becomes apparent when something shifts in your routine...)

TV: Mr. Robot S1. Initially thought this was too Dexter-stylized. Then the plot twisted & it became my fav new show.


Film: Inside Out. Sibling bonding in LA. Meta feels = me likely.
Film: Chappie. Stacie recommended this movie for the heartstring pulls. Definitely got some tears out of me.
Audio: Art of Asking x A. Palmer. Amanda comes off a bit whinny & self-important in this book. Less artist, more art.


Film: Insurgent. Much like HP or HG, I do appreciate these dystopian films for allowing us to escape, even for an hour.
Film: McFarland. This movie bothers me because it perpetuates a stereotype of white men needing to "save" other races.
TV: Sense8 S1. Took me a few eps to get into this, but if they renewed purely for the cinematography I'd be OK with it.


Film: Internet's Own Boy. Solid doc on the late Aaron Swartz. Though he's no longer with us his blog continues to inspire.
Film: PP2. The original was better, but apparently this was good enough to swing a 3rd movie?
Film: Spy. Melissa McCarthy as a bad-ass CIA agent, spitting one-liners like tungsten darts is always worth watching.
Film: Kingsman. Unusual to see S.L.J in such a farcical role, but he's probably the most compelling plot point of this movie.
TV: OITNB S3. Let's talk about #youngNorma, Crazy Eye's art imitating life fanfic, and Caputo's "dirty talk" with Figueroa.
TV: Orphan Black S3. Maslany = acting chops on point. Sadly took me 3 eps to realize that Ksenia Solo was in this.
Audio: Leaders Eat Last x S. Sinek. Blood ran cold during the exposition on the cultural shift to start sacrificing employees.


Film: Imitation Game. As a CS major I should probably know more about Turing...does watching this film count?
Film: Ex Machina. To many people AI is magic, yet we've become so dependent using it in everyday life. Boggles my mind.
Film: Interstellar. "Nature can be mysterious and frightening but never evil, the only evil is the one we bring along"
Film: Age of Ultron. Lots of AI heavy plots this month! Arthur Chu, of Jeopardy fame, shares his thoughts.
Audio: Slight Edge x J. Olsen. Very similar to Compound Effect.“Easy to do – but just as easy not to do."
TV: Person of Interest S4. Shaw lives! The Machine chose a single life over itself? Cliffhanger much?


Film: Divergent. Oki's been telling me to read this series forever. Now I'm hooked and need to catch up before #3.
Film: St Vincent. You're never quite meant to love him completely. Or even barely.
Film: Boy Meets Girl. Heartstrings pulled. So impressed by Hendley & Welch's performance in this must-see film.
Audio: TIKFS x Oprah. Despite her cult following, her focus on advancing other peoples' dreams is honorable.
TV: The Walking Dead S5. Never trust the priest. Definite lack of compelling new characters this season.


Film: This Is Where I Leave You. Dramedies about dysfunctional families are my fav - probably says more about me.
Film: Starred Up. Never had reason to visit a working prison, but they seem like such violent & dehumanizing places.
Film: Force Majeure. Love how so much of this story is told through acting instead of dialogue.
Audio: Creativity Inc x E. Catmull/A.Wallace. I found myself having a deeper appreciation for Pixar after reading this.
TV: House of Cards S3. Strong undertones of Breaking Bad-like moral depravity, but in the context of politics.
TV: Broad City S2. Like the appeal of YT culture, I'm more drawn by A&I's DIY story to make their dreams reality.
Mixtape: The Friendzone 011. booty bass, jersey club, trap, ghetto house, future club #whateverthefuckthatmeans


Film: Spark: A Burning Man Story. Playa Life + Playa Politics. Interesting to put faces to this long-standing festival.
Audio: Quiet x S. Cain. A novel perspective on introversion, its benefits to society, and cross cultural differences.
TV: Parks & Recreation S7. Series was definitely starting to lose its juice. Adieu Leslie Knope. 
TV: Person of Interest S3. Mostly average, sometimes really good, always stealing plot points from The Wire.


Film: Pride. Such an inspiring true story. Tears of hope and solidarity.
Film: Big Hero 6. A mash-up of Walle, The Lego Movie, and Kickass. Decent, but Disney can do better.
Film: Gone Girl. Except for how this portrays women as batshit crazy, I'm drawn by the House of Cards-type relationships.
Film: Inception. Still v. good the 2nd time around. In my top 20 favorite films!
Audio: Awaken The Giant x T. Robbins. Grounded in the Think & Grow Rich school of thought.
Audio: HWYMYL x C. Christensen. Make time to find your purpose. Note to self: Re-read this when you have kids.
TV: Broad City S1. The original hotmess bitches. 20-something BFFs trying to figure out life in NYC.  Comedy gold.

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