The next three weeks are going to be crazy, but I will do my best to stay focused on my priorities, work hard to get them done, trust in myself, and keep a positive mindset. Details to come in a later post.

For the moment, it is one of my best friend's birthday over in Australia and I'm totally procrastinating on our annual epic birthday surprises. I look forward to creating our ridiculous letters/pranks every year because she is one of the few people who can reciprocate the level of RANDOM I am capable of.

I'm not trying to sound corny when I say it's such a privilege to have her as a friend. And sometimes I don't even feel worthy, you know? Like, I know she could be spending her time enriching hundreds of other lives, but she makes time to Skype me, celebrate ridiculous birthdays, and stay a part of her life. Even though the amount of time I've seen her in the last 5 years could probably all fit in the span of 2 weeks, I still consider her someone I can unconditionally trust and talk to about anything. But when I look at her other close friends, who are all class valedictorians or PhDs, I sometimes wonder what she gets out of our friendship. I'm sure it is something meaningful, but then I quickly rehash our conversations about armhole, gramophones, QP, and Oprah and am forced to reevaluate what meaningful really means in this situation. haha.

For the record, I'm definitely not the kind of person who needs to compare themselves with others as a barometer of worth, but I do like to know the "why?" behind motivational forces because my psych major side can't shut up. And actually, this is not the first time I've pondered this question. Back in 10th grade I wrote about this in my English 10 journal after only knowing each other 1 year! My teacher, Mr. Harrison (one of my favorite teachers in the world), told me not to analyze it too much - that we were friends and that's all that mattered. After 12 years of friendship (and growing up) you'd think I'd have figured it out a little more, but truth be told I'm still at 10th grade status on this one.

Whatever. You don't need to think it to death, Julie! Just always make the effort to connect with each other no matter how distant or busy your lives get!

Happy Birthday Lara Malins!!!!

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