Compounded Life (2014)

Media I've consumed/created this year in one-line reviews.

December. (life still cray)

Mixtape: Cruise Control. Feel good, tropical disco to make you dance your cares away.
TV: The Newsroom S3. Sad to see this series come to an end. Sorkin is such a compelling and poignant storyteller

November. (life got cray)

TV: Faking It S1 & S2. What SoN could have been if it were filmed post-Glee and on MTV.


Film: My Sister's Keeper. Watched on the way back from Japan. Heartstrings pulled.
Film: Fault In Our Stars. Book >>> Movie. Hollywood beautified the leads & made them less relatable.
Film: Chef. Started to forget this as soon as it was over.


Film: Art of the Steal. More in-flight-entertainment. Off-beat indie-ish film about conning a con artist.
Film: Captain America: Winter Soldier. Million times better than the first! Soundtrack for this was great!
TV: House of Cards S1&2. Corruption like Breaking Bad, but more horrifying because it happens within our political system.


Audio: Compelling People x J. Neffinger. Ironic that a book about compelling people isn't the most compelling read.
Film: Snowpiercer. Token black dude is a sushi chef. Kill Bill vs Hunger Games style, but I prefer Joss Whedon type sci-fi.
Film: Drive. I love the unmistakable 80s vibe in this film - the styling, soundtrack, and silent storytelling is pure throwback.
Film: Gravity. Girl can't catch a break! Unreal how much suspense is crammed into each minute of this film.
Film: Guardians of the Galaxy. Battlestar vs Marvel = YES!! Chris brings the perfect amount of humor to this role!
Film: The Other Woman. Watched on the flight to Brisbane. Total chick flick, but funnier than I expected!
Film: Transcendence. More Bali in-flight entertainment. Was 'meh.' Person of Interest writes this concept better.
Mixtape: RnBass 2.0 [Preview]. Short teaser to an upcoming mix.


Audio: LYBYE x D. Hardy. Compound Effect had a bigger impact on me, but this is still top notch stuff.
Film: Up. I finally watched it and cone of shame finally makes sense. Not at all what I expected, in a good way.
Film: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Sherlock Holmes meets Phillip Pullman storytelling with a modern twist.
Film: Looper. Great plot arc - reminded me at times of Memento. The field fight scene is such beautiful cinematography!


TV: OITNB S2. Liking the backstory of the supporting cast! Such awesome and flawed characters. Need S3 already!
TV: Orphan Black S2. Plot twist! CLONE DANCE! Kira is the bravest, most selfless kid ever.
Film: Her. The first half is way creepy, the second half is solid commentary on how we're too distracted by technology.
Film: How To Train Your Dragon 2. Thrifty Tuesday viewing w/SB. Very watchable, entertaining, and cute.
Film: How To Train Your Dragon. Rewatched after the sequel. Sometimes my brain needs fluff like this to SHUT OFF.


Audio: Good to Great x J. Collins. Bottomline: Get the right people on the bus. The right people don't need motivation.
Film: Miss Representation. 1st half=predictable (media body ideals). 2nd half=interesting (females in politics).
Film: Terms & Conditions May Apply. Pretty forgettable, but the bit about google's pre-2001 privacy policy was fascinating.
TV: Parks & Recreation S6. I liked this season. I remembered more plot points than usual.


TV: Orphan Black S1. CLONES! Tatiana Maslany is my new favorite! Orphan Black = Lost Girl on crack!
TV: Community S5. It's not over, right? They would have brought back Troy if it were over...

March. (Started new job. Lost free time.)

TV: The Walking Dead S4. I'm waiting for Carol to make an epic comeback in the series.
Film: Lego Movie. A film that makes you ask what kind of shit the writers/graphic artists were smoking?


Audio: Man's Search For Meaning x V. Frankel. Nothing new, but its power is context with Nazi concentration camps.
Book: The Compound Effect x D. Hardy. Stop what you're reading & start reading this RIGHT NOW! It's that important.
Film: Catching Fire. For some reason these movies fall short compared to the awesomeness of the books.
Film: Gattaca. Rewatched on a Friday night when I felt like being a homebody. Much stronger the 2nd time around.
Film: Fruitvale Station. Most striking was how the director captured what everyday life for a black male might be like.
TV: Lost Girl S4. Writers got a tad too crazy on plot, but a solid B. Love that Dr. Hotpants got to play mischievous.


Film: Frozen. Coworker recommended. Sis & I agree its not Lion King era awesome, but Disney is redeeming itself.
Film: Midnight in Paris. Owen's character remains pretty irritating throughout the entire film. Almost gave up midway.
Film: Moneyball. I liked it a lot. The David vs Goliath, will-not-quit spirit will strike a chord for any athlete.
Film: Perks of Being a Wallflower. I read this in middle school & don't remember anything. Find your people.
Film: Inequality For All. Nothing new for an Upper, but Robert makes this topic less partisan and more palatable.
Film: Dallas Buyers Club. No wonder this flick was up for so many friggin awards! McConaughey transformed.

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