Wasted Life (2013)

Media I've consumed/created this year in one-line reviews.


eBook: Start x J. Acuff. A lot of the same cheerleading can be found in Acuff's previous book Quitter.
eBook: Personal Kanban x JB & TDB. This concept has revolutionized my to-do list! A must-read for productivity junkies!
Movie: Drinking Buddies. It was ok. I was more interested by its unscriptedness (+anything starring Wilde & Kendrick).
Movie: We Steal Secrets. WikiLeaks docu painting Julian Assange as a self-absorbed, bombast barely holding it together.
Movie: 50/50. Because sometimes you need a little cancer flick to remind you how fragile life & relationships are.
Movie: Blackfish. Left me numb w/shock & sadness. Ironically driving is probably more dangerous than orca swimming.
Movie: 21 Jump Street. One of those forgettable teen movies you never should have wasted your time on.
Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love. As far as rom-coms go, it's what you would expect, but slightly funnier.


Audio: Mindset x C. Dweck. Single-handedly the most life changing book I've ever read!
Movie: Before Sunrise. The infamous trilogy! The script is so organic & often feels true to life's unexpected romances.
Movie: Before Sunset. This film went by so quickly! Is it shorter than the first? Great chemistry/storytelling/acting!
Movie: Before Midnight. A departure in tone from the first two - feels like a John Gottman relationship case study.
Movie: Thor 2. Not bad. The first one was better. What happened to Odin???


TV: Breaking Bad S5. I wasn't as blown away w/ the ending as most people seem to be. I think WW got out too easy.
Movie: Serenity. Rewatched after rec'ing this movie and realizing I didn't remember the plot! One of Joss's best, imo.


TV: The Newsroom S2. I like that Sloan Sabbith = comedic relief and Don Keefer = winning me over.
TV: Dexter S8. Apparently fans are having polar rxns. Personally, I liked it. Found it settling that his last kill was for mercy.
TV: Rizzoli & Isles S4. Pretty forgettable season...aside from the news about Lee Thompson Young's suicide.
Movie: The East. Ellen Page - that is all. Nah, j/k, premise was interesting and movie was well executed.
Movie: Sunshine Cleaning. Little Miss Sunshine-esque dark comedy. B?


TV: OITNB S1. Pennsatucky!! I literally watched the entire season in 3 DAYS! Jenji Kohan knows how to pick 'em.
TV: The Newsroom S1. Coworker suggested. From the 1st episode I was HOOKED on the storytelling/writing!


eBook: The Fault in our Stars x J. Green. How would you live your life differently if you knew you were dying?
TV: Glee S2. It's amazing this show has been renewed for so long - wow. #RIP FINN
TV: Breaking Bad S4. Where are the protagonists in this f*ing series? Everyone except for the kids is corrupt!
Movie: The House I Live In. Powerful, but nothing new for a regular #upper. Still, it begets more questions than answers.
Movie: Despicable Me. Surprisingly better/funnier than I expected. MINIONS!
Movie: Despicable Me 2. The original was slightly better, but this is not bad. 
Movie: The Heat. It was too blatantly man-hating, but I'm so glad to see Bullock acting again!


Audio: The Truth About Dishonesty x D. Ariely. Maybe my favorite Ariely book? Lots of interesting research.
Audio: What Money Can't Buy x M. Sandel. Reading this is a great way to feel worse about the future of humanity.
eBook: Food Rules x M. Pollan. Words are easy and behavior is hard, but if it makes you think, that's the first step.
Mixtape: Heaptape. My Imogen Heap tribute tape.
TV: Law & Order SVU S13. New detectives. No Eliot? Hmm. I did like the cliffhanger ep though.
TV: SYTYCD S6. Jakob & Kathryn were robbed! Russell, props to your versatility, but you didn't win me over.
Broadway: Blue Man Group. A spur of the moment activity, but it was SO AWESOME!! 100% winning!

May. (Note: All my regular shows ended this month...I didn't really watch TONS of tv)

eBook: The Defining Decade x J. Meg. The first half was really engaging. The second half less so.
TV: Parks & Recreation S5. Ann & Chris back together! Jerry retires! Leslie makes people better off.
TV: Modern Family S4. I never remember specific episodes, but I do love to watch Lily get older (and snarkier)!
TV: Community S4. I'm going to miss this show. I can't even talk about my feelings yet. SO MANY FEELS.
TV: NCIS S10. Ziva goes on a revenge killing + dumb cliffhanger about the gov't investigating Gibbs.
Movie: Iron Man. It happened. I had a Marvel Universe Marathon (MUM). Hide yo children. Hide yo wives.
Movie: The Incredible Hulk. My friends wanted to see Iron Man 3 and they insisted I back-watch the entire series.
Movie: Iron Man 2. Black Widow = me fangirling. I love kickass super-heroines - none of this damsel in distress bullshit.
Movie: Thor. I liked this movie best of the first 5. The wormhole talk reminded me of Farscape & I went to a happy place.
Movie: Captain America. I'm sick of movies set during the 1930/40s war era; therefore I irrationally dislike this film.
Movie: The Avengers. Wheadon you are a legend unto sci-fi. There were lots of egos in this movie, but you delivered
Movie: Iron Man 3. Contrary to popular opinion, I liked this Iron Man best. Maybe cause I saw it first?


TV: Bones S7. Overall pretty forgettable, but I could be saying that b/c I was doing a jigsaw puzzle while marathoning it.
TV: Rizzoli & Isles S3. Isles and her bio mom storyline = win. Casey & Jane storyline = fail.
TV: Lost Girl S3. The Dawning: Lame. Wanderer/Tamsin arc: Intriguing.
Mixtape: Twerkshop. Trap/Moombahton edition to get you twrkn on a Friday night.
Movie: Butter. Olivia Wilde why are you so badass??? And why is Ty Burrell trying to act outside of Modern Family?


Movie: The Princess Bride. My coworkers got tired of my lack of reference and made me watch this. Hoping for better.
TV: The Walking Dead S1-S3. In general, I loathe zombie storylines, but I like this series.
TV: Rizzoli & Isles S1 & S2. Obvious perp/killers, but I'm pretty sure most of us watch this for the ship, am I right?
Mixtape: Groove Pool. Deep House/UK Funky vibez mixed on my new Kontrol Z2 mixer!!


Movie: Silver Linings Playbook. LOVE this movie! JL & BC are perfect in this! The emotions, the random, the crazy!
Book: Letters To A Young Poet x R.M.R. Delores gives this book to Rita in Sister Act 2. Good read for the creative type.
Movie: Bully. Humans can be awful, but humanity can be awesome. I hope they show this documentary in schools.
eBook: Multiplers x L. Wiseman. Do you get 20% or 120% out of your team? One of my favorite books.


Movie: Tangled. Adorable! Disney makin' me feel the family feels.
TV: ABDC S7. I miss I.Am.Me & brain banging! Why didn't Fannypack 2.0 get voted! Lame, America. Lame.

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