Wasted Life (2011)

Stolen idea from Harper.
Media I've consumed/created this year in one-line reviews. Started in September.


Movie: Circumstance. Courageous film covering a topic whose story should be repeatedly told, despite its sad ending.
eBook: Hunger Games x S Collins. Recommended by coworkers - the only redeeming fiction I've read this year.


TV: Bones S6. Booth & Brennan hookup = preggers! Brennan's self reflection/projection ep was standout.
TV: Dexter S5. Julia Styles is consistently a favorite - great emotional performance!
eBook: The Truth About Managing People x S Robbins. Good starter book that needs more idea to action examples.
eBook: Seriously, I'm Kidding x E Degeneres. Stream of consciousness. Nothing new if you watch TEDS.
Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Love the bball scenes, but too many psych stereotypes & caricatures.


eBook: The Imperfectionists x T Rachman. Reminds me why I stopped reading fiction. Not NYT Bestseller caliber, imo.
Movie: Bridesmaids. Hilarious all women cast. Melissa McCarthy (Suki!!) steals it for me.
Mixtape: Sketch Pad. Mashups 4 days! Mixing every genre under the sun in live sampling heaven.


Mixtape: Needs More Funk. Best served chilled, while wearing loose fitting clothing for ease of dancing.
eBook: Unbearable Lightness x PD Rossi. Unglamorizing Hollywood one page at a time. Portia = Amazing!

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