5 Steps to Finding a Job in Another City

My notes from the Careerism webinar with J.T. O’Donnell.
  1. Commit to a city - Pick One. Weigh pros and cons of current city and where you want to move. Rank by 8 factors of life:
    • Finances
    • Relationships - Significant other
    • Relationships - Family & support
    • Mental health
    • Physical health
    • Career
    • Hobbies
    • Physical surroundings
  2. Set a Date & Deadline - If you're really serious about moving you need a hard date so you can start taking the necessary steps to get what you want.
    • Date - When you plan to visit the city next (go on a weekday to visit the office)
    • Deadline - When you plan to be living in the city
  3. Pick a Niche - Don't be a Jack or Jill of all trades. Don't apply to everything under the sun (fungable). What specific type of job/company do you want to work for in the city? Be a subject matter expert. Look at current experience/skills and find your unique gifts. Use LinkedIn and Google to research companies.
  4. Create an Interview Bucket List - Find companies in the city that really WOW you (products, services, approach to customer service, values & beliefs). Answer the following 2 questions about them:
    • What do you admire/respect about the company?
    • How do you know that is something to admire/respect?
  5. Play Info Interview Bingo - Use Social Media (LinkedIn Twitter) to setup an informal interview (coffee/breakfast) with someone from the company to talk about the hidden jobs in the company. Fridays are good/Mondays are bad. Connect with people to find out who are key players, associations, and topics in the industry.
Bottomline: Take action!  If you know you want to do it, starting working on it today!

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