The simple things that bring us joy

I'm such an audiophile. If you ever want to win my heart all you need to do is take a classic pop/dance tune from the 70's or 80's, remix it with some underground shit from the current decade, throw in some handclaps, make it pump, and I will consume it in any audio format of your choice. One of the many contenders for my love are Swedish boogaloos UMYO.

When I first heard their remix of Yo Majesty's "Kryptonite Pussy" I was crawling out of my skin with sample envy. Besides being an AMAZING remix in general, the guys sampled Prince! OMFG! Don't tell me you didn't recognize that bad-ass groove from "I Wanna Be Your Lover"? Those funky guitar and bass licks could rise a stadium.

I can die happy knowing Prince got sampled respectfully (there's irony in saying that about a song praisin' the punani, haha).

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