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Things I've considered/discovered as of late:
  • MRSA is the drum & bass alias for Trance producer Mat Zo. Very cool. I like when producers begin branching out into multiple genres. Check out the track "Chemicals" here.
  • Kindle 2 saw a huge price drop this week ($190) after Barnes and Noble's Nook got slashed to $200. Competition is good, but the ebook reader is still kinda overpriced. Remember when that shit was selling for $300??
  • I recently took the Myers-Briggs and my results were INTJ, which was sorta expected. However, I would love to see a personality profile of all the people working on CQS. I think the group would work much more cohesively if everyone was aware of their own and each other's personality type. It's not just knowing your own type that helps, but knowing other people's so we can adjust our words and actions for greatest impact (or at least reconcile misunderstandings). 
  • My dog is adorable:

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