what if I forget?

My life is a constant discovery of new music. If I don't find a new song to enjoy everyday, it's considered a lost day. Something is amiss. Sometimes I wonder if I keep searching for music in an effort to fulfill something else. Then I slap myself up the head and realize this stupid hobby is the only thing that makes me truly happy on those occasional bad days.

Friends can bail. Relationships can break. Jobs can be lost. Accidents happen. But my one unconditional is love is losing myself in the tunes that make me bob my head and swing my hips time after time.

If I ever lost my hearing I don't know how I'd survive.

At the same time, with this constant barrage of new sounds, flavors of the week, mixing only the tracks that are just released, I wonder if I'm losing something in rarely finding my way back to the tunes I loved years ago. Admittedly, I'm most moved by those DJ and artists that are able to sample the poignant bits from yester-year and retouch them to modern day masterpieces.

Maybe I should make the effort to put aside one day every week and block myself off from any new music and just listen to the stuff I liked even a few years ago.

As a behavioral exercise, I think it is a fascinating undertaking and am interested to see if this changes anything in my global appreciation of sound.

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