Your integrity is showing

I've basically been in Thompson all day editing my thesis and I only have 4 measly pages to show for it.

Meanwhile, I've read about 350 pages worth of blogs and empirical articles more than I have time to really digest.

Somehow I ended up at blogger Stephen Martile's site nodding at the truisms in his productivity post. In it he claims that productivity is really a product of integrity and that failed integrity not only affects other parties involved, but the failed integritist (him/her)self. This is because failing to keep a promise multiple times doesn't only lose other people's faith in you, but your faith in you.

You make a commitment and you break it. Now it's that much easier to repeat the same behavior. I learned all about this in rat lab, but it's good to be reminded, especially because I keep failing at writing my thesis and keep wondering why I can't muster through it.

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