Despite being an utter audiophile, I honestly have trouble answering the whole favorite 5 artists/bands question.

I like a lot. I love a lot. But the best? Usually I'm relegated to a short list of two: BT and Imogen Heap. Is it any surprise they're both producers and musicians? Undoubtedly, no.

Why do I like these artists? It probably has a lot to do with how diverse their musicianship is.

If you take almost all of the music we listen to today, we find that the musicians are easily pigeonholed. We stick a one-dimensional label on what "genre" they most sound like and are done with it. Sometimes we find those hipsters who tread between two or three genres thinking they've created something clever. While I find the effort admirable, it's a little bit deluded in my mind.

Songs have genres. They may be crossed-over, but at this point I believe songs have genres. To think "true music" is non-genre-ed is almost naive because we need genres. With the sheer amount of music out there, we need genres to help us navigate.

Artists, on the other hand, can transcend genres. Although the majority of them don't play game for more than one or two teams, the best artists push themselves to make songs with different genres, producing something completely different from the last song they produced. To move yourself mentally across 7, 8, or 9 genres in an entire album is relatively unheard of in this industry. But when you come across it done well, the listener is inevitably moved, more so than any other disposable one genre fix they remember.

Most artists who are "good" are only good at their one genre, which is fine because it helps make that genre better. But very few have both the education and the motivation to seek out and make that connection of how genres can flow into and out of each other seamlessly. To me, that art seems like the ultimate height of musicianship.

In my mind, Imogen and Brian have done that and more.

Let's thank technology for making it possible. The future is electronic.

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