Intelligence: What it means to stop worrying

In a higher education atmosphere it's too easy to get caught up in all the negative "stuff."

Grades. Tests. Papers. Deadlines.

We worry about the pecking order. Making a good impression. Not sounding stupid if you speak up in class. Sometime it feels like we're in constant judgment be it with our peers or professors.

In reality, what we don't often realize it that all the stuff in-between the first and last impressions usually are forgotten. Left to the wayside. No one has enough time in the world to be constantly judging everyone they meet on every action they take. The majority of people in higher education are almost too suffocated by their own obligations, deadlines, or stressors to really care if you're going to come out on top.

Our individualistic culture says that the self is more important than the other. So really we shouldn't care about the people passing negative judgments on us because we're probably not going to include them in our circle anyway. Not doing this is just going to cause us more stress because it's not rewarded by our culture.

More times than naught, my academic life lives in two different realms co-existing, but never really communicating. How does being a Computer Science major influence my cognition and behavior in Psychology or vice versa? Most times, I think of the two majors as so separate and opposite that any connection between them seems impossible. But maybe it's my very perception that they're so different that prevents me from seeing their similarity.

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