The Big Switch

I finally finished reading Nick Carr's latest book The Big Switch late this afternoon. I sort of rushed through the last 130 pages in two hours because I had to return it to the library, but I'm glad it's finally crossed off the reading list.

I'm too feeble with words and formulating an opinion of my own to really give you my two-cents about it, but I'll leave it at this: I don't agree with everything he says, namely the Internet ultimately creating fractured communities and cultural depletion, but he does a great job explaining his analysis about the internet and society in a way that's neither too capitalistic or computer science-y. Lots of great ideas that will probably withstand the test of time.

The one thing he does remark is that "we're years from a point where in depth studies on how the internet in the grand scheme effects our memory and information processing behavior," which saddens me because that would be the sort of topic I'd be interested in studying academically if I were to continue on to grad school. In fact, I wanted to write my psych thesis on a similar topic but found such a dearth of current research that I junked the idea in under 2 hours.

Yep. The computing cloud. I live in it and for it.

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