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Thoughts on the new OceanLab album?

Yes, please!

Cutting to the quick, this much overdue debut record from the boys and girl who brought us the 2002 single "Sky Falls Down", is a brilliant testament to the waters trance (and electronic music in general) have yet to touch. This is the most obvious reference to make, but fewer descriptions are as effective. Imagine being submerged in an underwater fantasy, swimming amongst the lighted ocean grounds in a careless ethereal bliss. Wait, it gets better. Suddenly in the distance you hear the faint song of the fairer sex's voice (that would be Justine Suissa) enchanting you to "come home." Resistance is futile. Bubbles of oxygen slip from your lips as your body loses all muscle control and you're pulled into a world of chillout beats and echoing sirens. This is a "home" you'll never want to leave.

The tenth Anjunabeats CD release, Sirens of the Sea, is a stunner and you'd be wise to answer the call.

Standouts: "If I Could Fly", "Come Home", "On A Good Day"

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