fight fortune, fight!

This weekend is fucking abysmal. My Friday is bleaker than it's been the entire semester and what makes it worse is that I was foolish enough to think I'd have time to go to RDG.

Enter 5:30pm, where Chris and I meet in our new second home, Thompson 191 Computer Lab, to start fixing our networking code.

Return 1am (Saturday morning) bleary eyed and delusional from compiling rtp.cpp and calling make tester 2,000 times. At this point we'll probably figure out the next time we'll meet to work on the *new* checkpoint requirements.

Enter all my free time on Saturday, when not sleeping I'll be in the library reading my 300 page Jackson Katz book for Leslie's book analysis due on Tuesday.

Enter 8am-12pm (Sunday) where Chris and I go tagteam on RTP and get ass-whooped.

Enter 12pm-2pm (Sunday) when I frantically read articles on military masculinity and attempt to tidy the house before my CSOC group comes over to watch G.I. Jane

Enter 2-5:30pm (Sunday) where Kira, Erin, and I (Wuma's likely MIA) do cleanup on our presentation about women in the military.

Enter the rest of the night where I'm up studying for Test and Measurements exam the next morning.

Fuck the weekend. It's just THE END...

As if matters weren't bad enough, I had a tale-telling dream last night that disturbed the heck out of me. I dreamt I was driving on a long, winding, narrow road elevated several hundred feet in the air when I mysteriously fall into sleep at the wheel and crash my car off this cliff-like road. There was a passenger in the car, I think it was one of my friends, but I don't remember who. Anyway under the remarkable influence of dream, neither of us were hurt, but my back fender was crunched up and the car had a bitch-of-a-time starting.

Knock on wood much?

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