why trance?

Honestly, I find it fascinating how much of a trance fan I've become over the past 7 or so months. Had someone told me two years earlier that I would be listening to and learning the history of trance more than my beloved underground rock genre, I might have succinctly laughed in their face and told them to buy a clue.

The thing is, I could make point by point comparisons explaining the similarities and differences of every nuance between the genres and hopefully find a middle-ground to justify my love. And I do--I find myself trying to parallel trance melodies to guitar solos and riser build-ups to drum rolls, but that's missing the point.

What is it about this genre that commands my attention, but so often gets lost in translation with the typical top 40s listener? How is it that I can love a rock track with live drumming and untouched vocals, while still falling prey to the siren of artificial drum loops and chopped up vocal slices? Conceptually it's not rocket science . . . I can like multiple styles of music. But the weird thing is my love of rock grew out its specific anti-electronic elements. In other words, I didn't want my music to lack authenticity; I wanted it to grow organically in a space unconfined by blips and beeps. But to a large extent, the early 2000's took care of this organic element with producers like Above & Beyond, ATB, Sasha, and BT who took the genre beyond its roots and made huge strides in retaining the breath of live performance in production.

So, yes, why trance? Because sometimes life gives you gifts you aren't expecting that lead you to shift your perspective, open your mind, and appreciate more. And the best thing you can do is get out of your head and accept it without question.

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